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4888DM-2VP Tyre Changers Motorcycles  ★

4888DM-2VP Tyre Changers Motorcycles  ★


The Tyre Changer 4888 is fitted with a pneumatically-controlled tilting column that is ideal for removing car wheels and light commercial vehicle wheels. It is particularly robust and is ideally suited to intensive use. The changer is locked and the working head is removed from the rim simultaneously and automatically. The changer therefore does not need to be readjusted when the operator works on several identical wheels.

This tyre changer is equipped as standard with a wizard for easy fitting and removal of very rigid or "Run Flat" tyres.

  • Double sens de rotation
  • Curseur de pré-réglage sur le plateau
  • Mandrin auto-centreur
  • Commandes intuitives et progressives
  • Conception renforcée du détalonneur
  • Support outil situé à proximité
  • Bi-vitesse


  • Automatic model,
  • Automatic failover gallows,
  • Pneumatic locking vertical and horizontal arm,
  • Automatic shift of the operating head avoid contact with the edge of the rim,
  • 2-speed
  • Lubricator and compressed air regulator
  • Operative head equipped with a chip and a plastic insert
  • Double rotation
  • Cursor pre-adjustment on the shelf
  • Self centering chuck
  • Intuitive controls and progressive
  • Design of Reinforced bead breaker
  • Tool support nearby
Main technical data4888DM-2VP
Tightening on the interior of the rim 12"- 23"
Tightening on the exterior of the rim 10"- 20"
Max. wheel width 360 mm (14")
Max wheel diameter 1100 mm (43")
Separator jack force 2,5 T
Working pressure 8 - 10 bars
Power supply 400V three-phase
Motor power 0,75 kW
Dual rotation speed 7 - 14 rpm
actia demonte pneu 4888dm 2vp


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