Gas analyser : ACTIGAS

Gas analyser : ACTIGAS

ACTIGAS at the cutting edge of technology

The ACTIGAS Combi emissions station is designed for the measurement of petrol and diesel engine emissions.

The station contains :

  • Mobile workstation
  • AT505 gas analyser, for petrol engines
  • AT605 opacimeter with sensor, for diesel engines
  • Petrol and diesel emissions probes
  • Speed and oil temperature measuring module
  • Remote control
  • Oil temperature sensor

The opacimeter measures the opacity of diesel engine emissions. The unit takes measurements both at idle and during acceleration. During an acceleration test the unit records engine RPM, peak fume opacity and acceleration time.

ACTIGAS is the latest generation exhaust gas analyser that complies with the EC Directive for Measurement Instruments, the ISO 3929 standard and with SRV F9-1.

ACTIGAS uses a PC base that runs Windows 10 offering major scalability potential. The software application, which now treats 5 gases (NOx is optional), can easily be upgraded to meet new standards using the USB port.

This accuracy class 0 and OIML R99-compatible gas analyser platform is the most technically advanced version in terms of pollution control performance. The software is ideal for quick readings and compliance checks, while remaining easy to use so that operators can comfortably switch from one test to another.

This is the only product of its kind on the market that uses all the possibilities offered by network and IT technologies.

ACTI-OPA Opacimeter

This opacimeter meets the standard NF R10-025 and technical instruction SRV F9-2.

The tripod-mounted opacimeter unit measures the opacity level of the exhaust fumes from diesel engines. The appliance can take measurements under stable conditions and when accelerating.

The ACTIGAS TOUCH version of the opacimeter communicates using Bluetooth. In acceleration tests, the system records the engine speed and the peak exhaust fume values.

Combined LV gas + opacimeter ACTIP-GOX ACTIP-GOX-OBDVL
Combined HGV gas + opacimeter - ACTIP-GOX-OBDPL
Actia : acti-opa opacimetre
Actia, anti-pollution Actigas Start Actia, anti-pollution Actigas Touch Actia, anti-pollution Actigas Start Actia, anti-pollution Actigas Touch

Diesel emission testing - Gas analyser

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