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LV Wheel balancers for light vehicles

LV Wheel balancers for light vehicles

Precise, simple, and complete

The ACTIA range is designed for the quick and highly precise balancing of all types of steel, aluminium, Run Flat, 4x4, LCV, motorbike and scooter wheel rims.

Options can be selected easily in the settings menu and a number of programmes are available for different types of rims :

  • Standard programme for steel and aluminium rims,
  • Special programmes for aluminium rims,
  • A programme of selected plans,
  • A programme for hidden weights,
  • A programme for optimal tyre fitting,
  • Balancing precision within 1 g,
  • Readout in grammes or ounces,
  • Measurements in inches or millimetres,
  • Self-diagnostic, self-calibration, self-gauging,
  • Automatic minimisation of residual static imbalance.

Accessories included

  • Set of three Ø 45÷110 mm cones
  • Quick-tightening nut (manual)
  • Width gauge
  • Hammer pliers
  • 60 g calibration weight
Actia : Accessoires Equilibreuses inclus

Available options

Universal tray with studs for 36xx, 37xx and 38xx series balancers.

  • Rapid and multi-purpose, avoids looking for the right configuration,
  • For all rims with 3, 4, 5, and 6 holes,
  • Distance between centres adjustable between 75 and 210 mm,
  • Comes with short and long clip-on studs for the different types of rims.

"Zero Weight" wheel lift for series 3618. The ultimate in efficiency.

  • This wheel lift overcomes the effects of gravity and their consequences: fatigue, off-centring and rapid wear of the shaft and the fitting tools. The lift is especially well suited to suspension and wheel specialists.
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