Automatic tyre changer 4989PRO ★ ★ ★

Automatic tyre changer 4989PRO ★ ★ ★

Automatic tyre changer for professionals with no lever

Automatic tyre changer with no lever, horizontal bead roller, clamp and cone-centring system. Equipped with the QX system, an innovative device allowing operators to remove the need to use a lever, taking out all of the hard work and risks involved. The machine can be used in the traditional manner, therefore operators are not put off by the new equipment.

Mounting/demounting standard low-profile or run-flat 10" - 34" tyres for cars or light utility vehicles remains an intuitive process. This machine is particularly suitable for tyre specialists.

Characteristics :

  • Ergonomic, easy to use with controlled risks
  • Specifically designed for delicate wheels, UHP and run-flats
  • Innovative QX mounting/demounting tool, removing the need for a bead lever
  • Clamp with centring cones and twice the rate of rotation
  • Horizontal reversible bead roller for precise risk-free operating
  • Assistant to simplify mounting operations for run-flats and UHP tyres
  • Wheel lift (up to 80 kg)
Technical characteristics4989 PRO
Inner rim clamp 10"-34"
Serrage sur exterieur de jante -
Max. wheel width 406 mm (16")
Max wheel diameter 1200 mm (47")
Separator jack force -
Separator force 12040 N
Working pressure 8 - 10 bars
Power supply 400V three-phase - 50 Hz, available with 230V
Motor power 0,8 - 1,1 kW
Dual rotation speed 7 - 14 rpm

Accessories included :

  • Inflation device with pressure gauge
  • Lubricating paste (1 kg) with brush to apply
  • Plastic lever for soft tyres
  • Bead press
  • Protection for the mounting/demounting system
  • cProtection for the cones and clamp holder
  • Protection for the centring system pin drive
  • Curved rubber protection for alloy rims and run flats
  • Additional VDK-approved bead press pad
  • Lubricating filter and pressure regulator
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