Automatic tyre changer 4987PRO2 ★ ★

Automatic tyre changer 4987PRO2 ★ ★

With vertical bead breaker and self-centering plate

Automatic tyre changer with vertical bead remover and self-centring plate with four jaws to mount and demount car and light utility vehicle tyres. This machine has been especially designed for highly intensive use and is particularly suitable for tyre specialists.

The machine is equipped with a pneumatically-controlled assist arm (Ø 41mm) and a guide perpendicular to the reinforced rotating platform. It is fitted with a 2-speed bi-directional rotation system and a manual control switch.

A wide range of professional accessories, enabling the machine to be rapidly adapted to meet any ergonomic or technical requirements, leaving operators free to work on large wheels with alloy rims, low-profile tyres or run flats in complete safety, not forgetting motorbike or quad bike tyres.

Characteristics :

  • Tipping column with pedal controls,
  • Pneumatic assist arm up/down controls and automatic locking,
  • High power bead remover with double-acting pneumatic actuator,
  • Articulated pallet and wheel support designed for intensive usage,
  • Large frame, column and arm,
  • 2 rotation speeds
  • Removable pedal unit
Main technical data4987PRO2
Tightening on the interior of the rim 12" - 28"
Tightening on the exterior of the rim 10" - 26"
Max. wheel width 380 mm (15")
Max wheel diameter 1000 mm (39")
Separator jack force 3,2 T
Separator force -
Working pressure 10 bars
Power supply 400V three-phase - 50 Hz,available with 230V
Motor power 0,8 - 1,1kW
Dual rotation speed 7 - 14 rpm

Accessories included :

  • Protection for aluminium wheels :
    • Jaw protections x 4
    • Pallet protections x 2
    • Wheel support protection
  • Bead lever
  • Lubricant (1 kg)
  • A brush
  • Michelin Eurodainu inflator
  • Pressure regulator filter and lubricator
  • Inflation pressure limiter (set to 3.5 bar)
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