Wheel Aligners 8678: Intensive use

Wheel Aligners 8678: Intensive use
Réf. : 8678-20PR1

All our wheel aligners models are equipped with high-technology CDD measuring heads.

Each head carries out two measurements by means of an integrated bidirectional camera equivalent to an eight-sensor system in the horizontal plane (patented by MULLER BEM).

The wheel alignment arms of our units offer other high performance features:

  • Keyboard allowing all operations to be carried out remotely.
  • Electronic display to view readings.
  • Bidirectional camera.
  • Battery life 10 hours (radio version).
  • Reinforced arm structure.
  • Industrial PC,
  • A user-friendly programme running on Windows®,
  • Maximum steering angle measurements (without any electronic pivoting plates).

ACTIA strengths


Using an exclusive programme for 2 column bridge (MULLER BEM patent) enables you to carry out full wheel aligners and with:

  • Low floor dimensions for the wheel alignment station,
  • The use of an existing work station not dedicated to geometry only,
  • Complete accessibility to all vehicle mechanisms (during the setting phase),
  • Time saving: the wheel alignment station moves towards the vehicle,
  • Better vehicle flow management in the workshop.

User friendly and simple

With the new simpler and more user-friendly interface, graphic animations assist the operator when mounting or setting the vehicle. Combining ergonomy with style, these animations guarantee better setting monitoring. In addition, a graphic page enables you to explain to your customer the faults you have found on the vehicle (this page is drawn on the ticket) for better justification of the intervention


The 8 sensors from the 4 bi-directional cameras (MULLER BEM patent) guarantee increased measurement accuracy. In addition, the 8668 and 8678 radio link versions fitted with the new optoelectronic (MULLER BEM patent) measure the turning differences 20° and the max turning without electronic level.


The ability to balance all 4 wheels at the same time saves time during rim true measurement operations.

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