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Vehicle lifts

Vehicle lifts

ACTIA Automotive offers a complete range of vehicle lift and jacking beams designed for intensive use and dedicated to the inspection and repair of cars and light commercial vehicles. The 794 (4.2T) and 795 (5T) series are specially designed to meet the requirements of all users. But so Electo Hydraulic two post lift of 4 ton capacity the 724HB.

The options and accessories available allow total flexibility, whatever your application.

Serie 794 (4,2T) ; Surface-mounted ref. 794 ; Flush-mounted ref. 794-E
Serie 795 (5T) ; Surface-mounted ref. 794 ; Flush-mounted ref. 795-E

Numerous accessories and adaptations are available.



  • 4,2T and 5T capacity,
  • On each descent the level of the platforms is perfectly controlled by a patented alignment device,
  • Hydraulic synchronisation of lifting and lowering,
  • Lifting time: 50s (average according to model). Available in rapid version for flush mounted models (25s),
  • All our products are available in flush or surface-mounted versions,
  • Auxiliary wheel-free lift platform (optional),
  • Axle play detector (optional),
  • Roller bearing turnplates for wheel alignment (optional).


  • Mechanical, hydraulic and electrical support devices to provide total safety during use,
  • Tested under extreme conditions,
  • No mechanical connection between platforms,
  • Electrical installation with low voltage control circuit (24 volts),
  • Reduced speed of movement during start up and final lowering phases.


  • Range developed for intensive use.
  • Optimisation of workspace.


  • On-site installation and maintenance by our team of ACTIA MULLER engineers.
  • Vehicle lift fitted with articulated pivots with self-lubricating rings which do not require maintenance.
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