shock absorber tester fixed to the ground with fixed desk console

shock absorber tester fixed to the ground with fixed desk console
Réf. 1004E020AFP
Réf. 1004F021AMQ (recessed version)

ACTIA Expert shock absorbers bench is used for testing and checking shock absorbers in workshop and garage where it is installed without civil engineering works.

Same presentation as the ACTIA suspension test bench and used to analyse the condition of the shock absorber.

Includes :

  • Expert shock absorber tester secured to the floor
  • Fixed premium console
  • Industrial PC with 22” flat screen
  • Printer

Principals caracteristics

  • Maximum axle load : 2500 kg
  • Maximum frequency : 25 Hz
  • Minimum frequency : 3 Hz
  • Excitation amplitude : +/- 3mm
  • Phase measurement sensor: one per wheel
  • Force measurement sensor by constraint gauge
  • Integrated weighing
  • Motor power 2 x 2,2 kW
  • Minimum track between wheels : 836 mm
  • Maximum track between wheels : 2096 mm
  • Bench power supply : 400V tri – 50 Hz
  • Console power supply : 230V mono – 50 Hz
  • Floor dimensions : 3100 x 600 x 228 mm
  • 4 access ramps : 630 x 692 mm
  • Vehicle passage height : 120 mm


Print out a report at the end of the test to show your customer the state of wear of the shock absorbers.

ACTIA shock absorber tester for whorkshop: Printout.


Quick and intuitive readout on the screen.

ACTIA shock absorber tester for garage: Readout.
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