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More than 50,000 users trust us. What about you?

Multi-Diag delivers precise electronic diagnostics and a clear report that informs customers of the actions taken to illustrate the value of your services. ACTIA’s range of services includes installation and start-up, a qualified technical hot line, regular upgrades, warranty extensions, etc.

The diagnostic functions can be accessed quickly and easily for all major automobile makes :

  • Automatic VIN detection on OBD-compatible vehicles,
  • Maintenance control period reset,
  • Reading / clearing DTCs,
  • Reading of parameters (graphic representation),
  • Testing of actuators,
  • ECU configuration,
  • Remote encoding functions,
  • And many more !

A multi-make diagnostic tool stamped ACTIA® is the guarantee of unique diagnostic know-how. Having developed the firstelectronic diagnostics in 1985, ACTIA® is in fact the partner of all the major vehicle manufacturers and their networks.

Multi-Diag® is with you every working day in all automotive service and repair operations.


Complete diagnostic solutions

Multi-Diag® Trucks enables you to diagnose systems on all major truck, bus and coach makes, as well as electronic equipment on trailers: Mercedes, Iveco, Renault Trucks, Scania, Volvo, Man, Nissan, DAF, Askam, Avia, BMC, Ford, Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt, Bova VDL, Setra, Volkswagen, ERF, Knorr-Bremse, Wabco, Haldex etc.

Complete functionality for your diagnostic work

Multi-Diag® Trucks incorporates the key service and repair functions: read/ erase faults, actuator testing, parameter reading, ECU configuration, calibration, resetting etc. on the main vehicle systems: injection, ABS, EBS, EDC, suspension, retarder, gearbox, brakes, central ECU, comfort systems, dashboard, airbag system, tyre valves, tachograph, air-conditioning, immobiliser, steering etc.

Simple to use

Multi-Diag® Trucks adopts a diagnostic approach that is both simple and intuitive, with guided diagnostic methods and procedures in particular.

Technical documentation integrated in the tool

Integrated in Multi-Diag® Trucks (not an optional extra), the technical documentation is not only accessible from the main menu but above all, interactively, from the different stages of a diagnostic procedure. This technical documentation contains technical vehicle data, wiring diagrams, components and repair procedures etc.

A diagnostic solution designed for commercial workshop and roadside operations.

Perfectly adapted to your professional environment, Multi-Diag® Trucks is a mobile diagnostic solution thanks to its Bluetooth communications. This mobility also allows you a high degree of operating freedom up to around 50 metres from the vehicle.

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