"START" configuration for emission testing

Available for petrol, diesel and combined engines

In this configuration, the mobile unit comes with :

  • A 22” flat screen to monitor the test remotely from the vehicle.
  • An oil temperature sensor.
  • A battery/cigar lighter type rev counter.
  • The gas measurement cell and/or the fumes measurement cell mounted on a tripod.
  • An industrial-strength ACTIA PC, including :
    • Windows 10,
    • An AZERTY keyboard and mouse,
    • 6xUSB, 4xRS232, 1xRJ45, 1xVGA.

A built-in CRT-mode plug-in OBD interface (optional) to retrieve the temperature and engine speed data.

Opacimeter ACTIP-OPX -
Combined HGV gas + opacimeter - ACTIP-GOX-OBDPL
actia anti pollution actigas start
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